Introducing, BarGPT the AI Cocktail Generator

An AI Cocktail Generator

With the AI craze kicking off in 2023 we wanted to get our hands dirty but wanted to also have some fun with it. Given our interest in craft cocktails we thought it would be cool to see if AI, more specifically OpenAI's APIs, could generate cool and creative cocktails. This is where BarGPT came from.


  • Use OpenAI ChatGPT like interface to create cocktails
  • Bookmark your favorites!
  • Browse and search over 17,000 AI generated cocktails
  • Track what cocktails you can make with the ingredients you have.

Some Stats

  • 3000+ Registered Users
  • 17000+ Created cocktails

Tech Specs

  • Deployed on Vercel
  • NextJS
  • OpenAI
  • MongoDB date store
  • Stripe integration
  • Created with boilerplate


We are using a freemium model. User's can choose to subscribe to premium on a monthly or yearly basis -OR- if they prefer they can "tip us" to get premium access for a short duration (without any subscription).