Sharing the Source for DataVids

Sharing the Source for DataVids to help others learn NextJS and Remotion.

Recently we decided to shelve the DataVids project. This project did some really cool things with video and AI but wasn't really going to be commercially viable. Instead of all that hardwork and code going to waste we decided to make it available for others to learn from.

Here are a few of the things you should be able to learn from it:

  • Typescript
  • NextJS App Router (API routes, pages, SEO)
  • Simple usage of Langchain to make AI calls
  • Using AI information to generate JSON schema
  • Using MongoDB with NextJS
  • Remotion video API to create video from React code
  • Using AWS Lambdas to render Remotion videos

And a lot more. If you find this helpful all we ask is for a follow on Twitter and maybe to try out our other sites BarGPT and TVFoodMaps

View the source on Github

We also recently did a rebuild of BarGPT. I would highly recommend using a boilerplate over a basic template. For BarGPT we used which I highly recommend.